Chelsea & Ryan – Engaged | Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Nothing shy of a ton of fun is what this couple is all about, both Chelsea and Ryan are quick with the come backs, they both have a  bright and colorful personality and are genuinely warm hearted, and they are sure to keep your smiling long after you say goodnight. Chilling in the country is what life is about for them, in a town of about 1000 where everyone knows everyone and where everyone is family. We all know working the farm is filled with long hours, cow poop, more long hours and a ton more cow poop, I wonder how they have such great personalities, let alone the ton of energy that I could only wish for!

Their wedding is just around the corner and will be a star event, a production sure to have everyone wanting more. I look forward to your big day Chelsea & Ryan!


Hanging with Sarah | Edmonton Life Photographer

Jolene had to work really hard on pulling Sarah out of her shyness,  but she did it! And I can’t think of anything better than to show it on a storyboard, Sarah had a bunch of fun being able to put stickers, stuffed animals and hair accessories on her dad! I’m glad that at the end of it all she is now comfortable with us and is looking forward to meeting Jolene’s daughter and having a play date. Me, I’m looking forward to being able to shoot this little one again – but next time we will dress Sarah up in a few different costumes.

Nice to meet you little Sarah, you are a beautiful little girl, I look forward to seeing you again.  Cheers!